Irene receives the BNA undergraduate Prize.

Lilia Kukovska, Irene Echeverria Altuna, Shanice Bailey, Tara O’Driscoll, and Jules Lebert join the lab.

Soraya wins Best Talk at the “UCL SenSyT (Sensory Systems, Technologies and Therapies) Symposium 2017. Congrats Soraya!!

James and Catherine  receive an Action on Hearing Loss/Wellcome Trust travel award.

Catherine receives a Brain travel award from the Guarantors of Brain, UK

Margot Tirole, John Lee, and Margaux Silvestre join the lab


Marta Huelin and Stefania Vietti-Michelina join the lab

Julieta Campi joins the lab

Tracking the Time-Dependent Role of the Hippocampus in Memory Recall Using DREADDs published in PLOS ONE.

Lab receives a 3 year Human Frontiers Science Program grant.


Catherine receives a Sir Henry Wellcome Postdoctoral Fellowship.

James Cooke joins the lab

Sophie Renaudineau joins the lab. Lab receives an MRC grant.

Catherine Perrodin joins the lab

The Role of Inhibition in a Computational Model of an Auditory Cortical Neuron during the Encoding of Temporal Information published in PLOS Computational Biology


Lab receives an ERC Starting Grant

Soraya Dunn joins the lab

The Musical Brain published in Frontiers


Dan Bendor announced as finalist in Eppendorf & Science prize in Neurobiology for his essay Play it again, brain

The Neural Encoding Lab opens at the Institute of Behavioural Neuroscience at UCL.